Mister Rogers’ Week of Kindness 2024 Fred’s Helpers Volunteer Application

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
        -Nancy Rogers, Fred’s mom, as told by Fred.

Thank you for applying to be one of Fred’s Helpers during Mister Rogers’ Week of Kindness 2024. The Orlando area is honored to be one of Fred’s four lifetime Neighborhoods, along with Latrobe and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Fred and many members of his family went to Rollins College in the Orlando suburb of Winter Park, and returned to Winter Park for decades after Christmas each year to spend time visiting with family and friends, and writing many of his scripts and original pieces of music for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Mister Rogers’ Week of Kindness is a series of public and private events to remember, to teach, to reflect on, and to share our thoughts and memories with each other of the lifetime work of Fred Rogers. Most events are free or low-cost to the public in order to include as many “Neighbors” as possible.

Fred’s Helpers are instrumental in setting up and tearing down events, checking in guests and being helpful “Handyman Negris” at each location. Fred’s Helpers attend all events that they are volunteering at for free and may also receive premium seating for themselves or guests, as well as a private meet and greet with cast and crew.

Please provide this information for review by the Mister Rogers’ Week of Kindness 2024 Organizing Neighbors committee. Submission of an application does not guarantee selection to participate.

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Which dates are you available to be one of Fred’s Helpers?
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Total number of events is TBD. Please select how many events you would like to help with.
Do you have particular events that you wish to be considered for helping?
Terms and Agreement
I understand that I may appear in photos, videos and audio taken during the event and grant the Volunteer Organization (hereby known as "the Organization") to use my likeness in marketing materials, web and digital publications, and on social media without compensation. I understand that I might be exposed to sensitive information during my volunteer time and will not copy, reproduce, or otherwise share or distribute that information without permission from the organization. I understand that while volunteering, I am a representative of the Organization and that if my behavior does not serve as a positive representation, I may be asked to leave.
Background Check
I understand that by agreeing to be one of Fred’s Helpers for an event which is held for specifically for children, I will be asked to complete a background check at my own cost (usually about $20) from a company of our selection in order to be considered for helping at that event.
Health Affidavit
I understand that the ultimate selection and assignment of Fred’s Helpers to any events will be contingent on my final submission of other paperwork, including but not limited to a health affidavit.


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Once the final schedule is completed, our list of Fred’s Helpers applicants will be reviewed and selected. Please be patient; this is not a fast process and likely won’t happen until March 2024. However, applications will be reviewed in the order received, so please apply as soon as possible for best chances for selection.

You can follow updates for Mister Rogers’ Week of Kindness 2024 at this website and at the Facebook Group, Fred’s Florida Neighbors.

Thank you again for considering to be one of Fred’s Helpers during Mister Rogers’ Week of Kindness 2024!

If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”
       -Fred Rogers